Suffragette Tartan Ladies Kilt


Our exclusive Suffragette Tartan Kilt is the only authentic Suffragette Tartan Kilt in the world!  The beauty of this kilt is, it will last for many years; it is very versatile and adjustable with straps & buckles.  This truly is a unique investment piece for wonderful women, to be loved and worn all year round for any occasion.   You can really go to town and do your own thing, create your own individual look!

Our Suffragette Tartan is made up of the strength of women in our history, with the DNA of formidable females woven into it’s very core, keeping you snug and strong whenever you wear it! Our kilts naturally become cherished heirlooms, to be proudly handed down through the generations.

NB: Our Suffragette Tartan kilts will be made in the exact same colours and tartan design as all the products you already love in our Suffragette Tartan Range. The images on this page show a kilt in one of our other ranges. (Your Suffragette Kilt will of course be made with our original Suffragette Tartan, this is just so you can see the style). You might choose to have yours a bit longer or a bit shorter, that is entirely up to you when you place your order below.   Rest assured, you can purchase your exclusive Suffragette Tartan Ladies Kilt with confidence, as you know we always deliver the goods.

This kilt will take 12 to 14 weeks from the date of order, so please order well in advance! Especially if you want it in time for Christmas, Burnsnight, for a Wedding or to enjoy wearing this winter.

Before entering your measurements we ask that you ‘click’ and use our specific measuring guide: Measuring Guide for Suffragette Tartan Ladies Kilt. 

This 8 yard kilt is suitable for a waist size of up to 42″.
For any orders coming in to us above that, we will contact you and let you know the additional cost to accomodate your measurements.

If you have any difficulty in placing your order, email me at: thank you, Margi.

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This ‘Suffragette Tartan’ is the only Authentic and Officially Registered Tartan in the world to honour the Suffragettes.  And is proudly worn by fabulous females in the UK and all over the world!

We have created this exclusively for you by weaving the DNA of the Suffragette into its very core, by incorporating these significant colours:-
GREEN, WHITE & VIOLET: Are the historical colours of the Suffragette. The first letter of each colour ‘G’ ‘W’ ’V’ represented their goal, to ‘Give Women the Vote’.

Perfect for everyday and especailly for parties, burnsnight bashes, re-unions, weddings and any other special occasion!

Your unique British made Suffragette Tartan Ladies Kilt is made from the finest quality medium weight (13 oz.) Suffragette Tartan.  Made with the full 8 yards, with no amount of effort nor material spared during the making! The traditional selvedge is the proper historical edge favoured by those ‘in the know about kilts!’  Taking longer to weave than the ‘modern tuck-in method’, the traditional process used to create your Suffragette Tartan kilt produces a far superior finish. Hand marked in the traditional way to ensure both accuracy of the fit as well as the accuracy of the original Suffragette Tartan design throughout the pleated area.  All straps and buckles are sewn by hand and the pleats are machined for extra strength.  With a high-quality canvas and lining to ensure exceptional comfort and security for the wearer.

NB: The straps and buckles allow for an extra 2″ expansion on the waist area, should you gain a few pounds in future times.

Ordering Timescales:
It’s worth knowing, that when you are planning your own personal diary for when you would like to be wearing your new Suffragette Tartan Kilt. That it can take 12 to 14 weeks to be made, from the date of your order. If your kilt is for a specific event with a timely deadline date, then please place your order as much in advance as possible.  We will always try our best to have your kilt ready in time, but a bit of your excellent forward planning will really help us!
For any further help at all, email us at:

Delivery: You will see the costs for delivery at the checkout, before confirming your order.

Due to the ‘made to measure’ nature of this kilt, returns cannot be accepted for ill-fitting garments.  The responsibility of the fit is with the customer.  Which is why we request you to ‘double check’ your measurements in accordance to ‘our measuring guide’ and to have someone measure you, do not self-measure.