To celebrate the Centenary Year of this momentous occasion in our UK history. This unique tartan was officially registered on 6th February 2018. One hundred years to the very day, when ‘The 1918 Representation of the People Act’ was passed by Parliament. Which became law after receiving Royal Assent on 6 February 1918. Prior to this act being passed, all women and working-class men who didn’t own property were denied the right to vote in a general election.

Being the final year of World War One meant that of the millions of British men who fought in WWI, an actual third of them still had no right to vote. And the Women, who had proved they could do the same jobs as men in factories, offices and on the land during WWI, also had no representation.

The word ‘Suffrage’ means ‘the right to vote in political elections’. The name ‘Suffragette’ was introduced by the media with the intention that the ‘ette’ suffix would “belittle and show that the women who were campaigning for a vote, were less than the proper kind of suffrage worker”.

However, the Suffragette name was embraced by the campaigners, who were mainly women. But not all Suffragette’s were women, there were also men campaigning alongside them. As a result of the Suffragette movement, women over the age of 30 who owned property, or married to someone who owned property were now allowed to vote for the first time. Despite these restrictions, it was still a huge victory, giving 8.4 million women in Great Britain the vote! And also the voting franchise was extended to an extra 5.6 million men. How great was that!

This ‘Suffragette Tartan’ is the only Authentic and Officially Registered Tartan in the world to honour the Suffragettes.

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