Information Dept.


We are very happy to report, that all of our very special Tartan Scarves are designed and made in Great Britain. Each Tartan is completely unique and is Officially Registered as an Authentic Tartan for all eternity. With the DNA of each individual Corps, Regiment or Organisation woven into each bespoke design.

Available exclusively at The Ministry of Tartan.

These exceptional scarves are worn with pride in the UK and all over the world, by current, former and future personnel of each Corps, Regiment or Organisation. As well as their families and friends, and all those who support the rationale behind them.

With official permission granted to us by each Corps, Regiment or Organisation, we bring this wonderful opportunity to you, so you can wear and cherish and ‘gift’ the historical weave that is closest to your heart! In the form of the highest quality, UK Made, 100% Brushed Lambswool Scarf. And we know with great confidence that our scarves ‘Pass Muster’, as being Official M.O.D. Licensees, nothing but the best would be acceptable!

We chose to bring together Corps, Regiments and Organisations in this perpetual way, as it affirms the unbreakable bond and comradery; “this is who we are, this is what we do, and we are proud of it”.   Our heritage, history and legacy shared with friends and passed on to family through the generations.

Being one of the oldest and most classic designs ever created, Tartan is timeless, it never goes out of fashion and always looks great. Now firmly seen as a one of our Great British products and exports, due to the popularity of various tartan designs featured within UK Top Brands, from scarves to wax jackets!

With our customer’s highest expectations in the forefront of our minds.  Our Tartan is therefore woven by the best milling experts in the UK, with more than 200 years of textile experience. From the making of rugs for Queen Victoria, to the clothing and blankets of our WWII soldiers and now for the highest quality scarves and future products for you.  It’s good to know there is a real history with generations of Expert British Craftsmanship behind our top quality items, produced in our Great Country!