Pride in our country's service men and women

Within the walls of The Ministry of Tartan, we love our British history and always thankful for the simple traditions and traits that keep us going. From our love of a decent cup of tea and a proper bacon sarnie, to the timely delivery of the British sense of humour and an innate stiff upper lip. We just about get through our day in one piece!

We are honoured, to be able to ‘give a bit back’ to our UK Brave and to share the support for all, in this way.

We are very fond of Sir Winston Churchill, you may have noticed this!

We wear our Poppies and respect Remembrance.

We celebrate all UK Brave who perform tasks that can come with an element of danger or extreme difficulty. As part of their career or voluntary actions.

We love the Union Jack.

We are absolutely indebted to the brave lads and lasses who have fought for us throughout history.

And we are extremely proud of our amazing Armed Forces and our essential Emergency Services.

We look forward to your valued custom and support, for all the special Authentic Tartans we bring to you. As they too, are now a part of history; as an officially registered weave, for eternity.

To be loved and cherished by you and yours, for years to come!

“I am easily satisfied with the very best!”Sir Winston Churchill