Parachute Regiment Tartan Trews – Argyll Style


Our rather stunning, made to measure Parachute Regiment Tartan Trews are expertly tailored and made from the finest quality British made, medium weight 13oz Parachute Regiment Tartan.  Argyll Style trews are similar to regular style dress trousers, except they are worn ‘higher up’ on the body, at navel height, with a wider 3 inch waistband and belt loops.  They come as standard with a fly zip and for comfort they are half lined to the knee. (The image on this page is of our normal waist trews, the waistband on Argylls is about 1.5 inches wider than this image).

You are advised to order well in advance as trews are an all year round popular item of clothing for all sorts of special events and life occasions.  Timescales can be 6-9 weeks.

Ordering couldn’t be easier, you send us your measurements, we make them, then dispatch them to you, anywhere in the world! Please see below information about measurements we need.

Before submitting your measurements we ask that you refer to our specific:- ‘MEASURING GUIDE FOR ARGYLL STYLE TREWS’.  As you need to follow this guide to ensure you have the correct measurements for your Trews. If you have any difficulty or have any special requests for your trews that are not listed in the options below, then please email me at: for any help at all, or ring me on +44 (0)7921197422 Thank you, Margi.

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The Parachute Regiment Tartan is the only officially registered tartan in the world, to pay respect to the Parachute Regiment. The Parachute Regiment Tartan is fully endorsed by the Parachute Regiment.  And is proudly worn by former and current Parachute Regiment personnel and their families, friends and supporters all over the world.

We have created this authentic tartan exclusively for you. Weaving the DNA of the Parachute Regiment into its very core, by incorporating these significant colours:-
MAROON: Represents the glorious Parachute Regiment berets.
LIGHT BLUE: Represents the iconic Bellerophon riding Pegasus emblem.
LIGHTER MAROON: Signifies the I Para DZ Flash.
BLUE: Represents the II Para DZ Flash.
GREEN: Symbolises the III Para DZ Flash.
WHITE: Represents the clouds that the Parachute Regiment fall through.
BLACK: Stands for the IV Para DZ Flash and also respect for all fallen Parachute Regiment comrades.

Ordering Timescales:
It’s worth knowing, that when you are planning your own personal diary for when you would like to be wearing your new Parachute Regiment Tartan Trews.  That when we have Parachute Regiment Tartan in stock, trews can take up to 6 weeks to be made, from the date of your order.  And when we are weaving Parachute Regiment Tartan, trews can take around 9 to 12 weeks to be made, from the date of your order. So if your trews are for a specific event with a timely deadline date, then please place your order well in advance, to avoid disappointment. We will always try our best to have your trews ready in time, but a bit of your Parachute Regiment forward planning will really help us!

For any further help you can always email or ring us: or +44 (0)7921197422 Thank you, Margi.

You will see the costs for delivery at the checkout, before confirming your order.

Due to the ‘made to measure’ nature of the trews, we cannot offer refunds, any ill-fitting garments in need of adjustment are the responsibility of each customer.  Which is why we always request, that you do not self-measure.  Always have a family member/colleague take each measurement and to ensure accuracy, double check all measurements. 

All tartans in our range are worn by Parachute Regiment current, former, future personnel and their families, friends and supporters. And are not part of any official uniform.