Felix EOD Mascot Tartan Kilt


This unique Felix EOD Mascot Kilt is made in the same stunning Felix EOD Mascot Tartan design and colours as the Felix EOD Mascot Tartan Scarf; green, beige, white, red and black.  It is worn with pride in the UK and worldwide, in celebration of the men and women within the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Community.

You can enjoy wearing this fabulous kilt at any special occasions and events, instead of having to splash out on new suits every year. And there’s nothing more handsome than a man in a kilt, they always steal the limelight! Perfect for weddings, for all family occasions, all manner of personal occasions, reunions and events!

The Felix EOD Mascot Tartan Kilt is made to the exact specifications of each individual. The attention to detail throughout the hand worked areas of the process creates an exceptional garment. In our opinion, far superior in quality to the fully machine made kilts. Made in the traditional and authentic manner with the ‘traditional selvedge technique’.

Your kilt will quickly grow into being your preferred garment of choice to wear for all your very special events in life to come! The longevity of a kilt is amazing, it is a much better investment than a suit. With it being fully adjustable you will be able to wear it for years to come! And we know you will get a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from wearing it. Where memories will be created, captured and remembered for posterity. And your Felix EOD Mascot Tartan Kilt will naturally become a genuine family heirloom. We feel this is very important, therefore every kilt made, comes complete with a brass disc engraved with your own unique ‘personalised information’ and is hand sewn into the inside of the kilt apron. All of our kilts also come with a matching pair of Felix EOD Mascot Tartan flashes and garters.

You are advised to order well in advance as kilts are an all year round popular item of clothing.

All our Felix EOD Mascot Tartan products are the exact same shade as the Felix EOD Mascot Tartan Scarf that you already love. mentioning this as it may look like a different shade on some images. Thank you!

Your kilt order can take 9 to 12 weeks, so please order well in advance!

Before submitting your measurements we ask that you ‘click’ on this: Measuring Guide for Felix EOD Mascot Kilt order. As your waist measurement needs to be measured at ‘navel height’ and other advice on the ‘Measuring Guide’ will help you measure your kilt size correctly. If you have any difficulty in placing your order, then please do not hesitate to email me at: info@theministryoftartan.co.uk and I will come straight back to you, or ring me on +44 (0)7921197422 thank you, Margi.


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We have created this Authentic Tartan exclusively for you. Weaving the DNA of Felix EOD Mascot into its very core, by incorporating these significant colours:-
Green, beige, white and red:  As featured in the Felix EOD Mascot badge.
Black: Is for continual respect, for all fallen Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) comrades.

Your unique British made Felix EOD Mascot Tartan Kilt is made from the finest quality medium weight (13 oz.) Felix EOD Mascot Tartan. Made with the full 8 yards, with no amount of effort nor material spared during the making! The traditional selvedge is the proper historical edge favoured by the military and pipe bands and all those ‘In the know about kilts!’ Taking longer to weave than the ‘modern tuck-in method’, the traditional process used to create your Felix EOD Mascot Tartan kilt produces a far superior finish. Hand marked in the traditional way to ensure both accuracy of the fit as well as the accuracy of your original Felix EOD Mascot Tartan design throughout the pleated area. All straps and buckles are sewn by hand and the pleats are machined for extra strength. With a high quality canvas and lining to ensure exceptional comfort and security for the individual.

Ordering Timescales:
It’s worth knowing, that when you are planning your own personal diary for when you would like to be wearing your new Felix EOD Mascot Tartan Kilt. That it can take 9 to 12 weeks to be made, from the date of your order. If your kilt is for a specific event with a timely deadline date, then please place your order as much in advance as possible.  We will always try our best to have your kilt ready in time, but a bit of your excellent forward planning will really help us!
Email us at: info@theministryoftartan.co.uk for any help at all, or ring us: +44 (0)7921197422. Always here to help!

Delivery: You will see the costs for delivery at the checkout, before confirming your order.

Due to the ‘made to measure’ nature of this kilt, returns cannot be accepted for ill-fitting garments. The responsibility of the fit is with the customer. Which is why we request you to ‘double check’ your measurements in accordance to ‘our measuring guide’ and to have a helper assist you, not to self-measure.

For every Felix EOD Mascot Tartan Kilt sold, 10% will be paid in support of Felix Fund the bomb disposal charity.

Also proud to say this beautiful kilt is made in Great Britain!