Our British Bulldog Tartan Range celebrates Britain’s greatest statesman. Who served six monarchs; Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. He fought in both India and at the famous battle of Omdurman in the Sudan.  During the Boer War, Sir Winston Churchill made a dramatic escape from a POW camp! With no map, no ability to speak the local language and with just ‘four slabs of melting chocolate and a crumbling biscuit’ he was able to maintain a superhuman level of self-belief, that allowed him to navigate safely through 300 miles of enemy territory. Making him headline news, a British hero, and a public figure for the first time. During WWI Churchill served as First Lord of the Admiralty and also saw action in the trenches as an army officer. Between the two World Wars he returned to politics, when he is remembered most of all as the lone voice urging re-armament in the face of Nazi militarism.
WWII was Sir Winston Churchill’s ‘finest hour’, when his personal strength and determination in the face of a seemingly impossible task, inspired not only his own countrymen, but the entire free world!…

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