Antecedents of the Royal Military Police (RMP) is one of the most ancient appointments in the service of the British Crown, with its origins lost in antiquity. In Norman times known as Provost Marshal and later Military Mounted Police (MMP), Military Foot Police (MFP) and the Corps of Military Police (CMP). In 1946, in recognition of its outstanding record in WW1 and WW2, King George VI granted the ‘Royal prefix’ to the Corps henceforth known as Royal Military Police (RMP). Since WW2, the RMP has been active in every operational theatre to date.  The RMP are easily distinguished by their scarlet red-topped service dress cap or beret that they wear, which has gained them the name of the ‘Red Caps’.

The ‘Royal Military Police Tartan’ is the only officially registered tartan in the world, to celebrate the Royal Military Police. And is fully endorsed by The Royal Military Police.

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