The concept of the ‘General Staff’ was developed in European armies in the 17th and 18th centuries. As armies grew in size and complexity, a single General with his personal staff was no longer able to exercise the command, control and execution of every aspect of their operation. As a result, specialised staffs were developed to ensure the smooth functioning of the organisation. Today’s General Staff is the Army’s professional body of valued senior leaders and staff officers, bound together wherever they serve by a common ethos and loyalty to the Army as a whole, with intellectual rigour being at the heart of a united effort. Collectively and individually, the General Staff are the guardians of the conceptual, physical and moral components of the Army’s Fighting Power but their principal domain is the conceptual component. As members of the General Staff, their duty is to turn ideas into action, taking their soldiers with them.

The ‘General Staff Tartan’ is the only officially registered tartan in the world, to celebrate the General Staff. And is fully endorsed by the General Staff.

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