The history of the British Airborne Forces and it’s achievements during WWII to date is truly remarkable! It all began in June 1940, with volunteers from No. 2 Commando becoming the first ever airborne trained paratroopers. The British Airborne Forces we know today is extensive, encompassing Britain’s elite airborne infantry; ‘The Parachute Regiment’ and The Army’s airborne rapid reaction force; ‘16 Air Assault Brigade’. They are professional, courageous and versatile, at high readiness to deploy worldwide for a full spectrum of missions. The British Airborne Forces are, and always have been, a formidable force indeed!

The ‘British Airborne Forces Tartan’ is the only officially registered tartan in the world, to pay respect to all British Airborne Forces personnel from 1940 to the current day. And is fully endorsed by The British Airborne Forces.

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