UK Brave Tartan Waistcoat


Our rather stunning made to measure UK Brave Tartan Waistcoats look fabulous worn with dress trousers, or with chinos and jeans for a more casual look.  Expertly tailored and made from our finest quality British-made medium weight 13oz UK Brave Tartan.

You are advised to order well in advance as waistcoats are an all-year-round popular item of clothing for all sorts of special events and life occasions.  They are very popular for Weddings and Reunions!

Timescales can be 9-14 weeks.

Ordering couldn’t be easier; you send us your order, we make it, then dispatch it to you, anywhere in the world!

NB: The waistcoats featured on this page show other tartans in our range. Our UK Brave Tartan Waistcoats are made in the exact same design and colours as all the other products in our UK Brave Tartan Range.

Place your order with your current measurements below:-


Take this measurement around the chest, over a well fitting shirt, the type you will wear with your waistcoat.


Measure over your shirt and take a ‘relaxed’ measurement (do not breath in).


Take this measurement over your shirt around the ‘fattest part of tummy’.


Your height in feet and inches.


Our UK Brave Tartan celebrates individuals in the UK who perform tasks that come with an element of danger or extreme difficulty. As part of their career or voluntary actions. And despite any fears or reservations they may have, they still undertake what is required of them.
They are brave & compassionate, unsung heroes from all walks of life.

The ‘UK Brave Tartan’ is unique and an officially registered tartan, to be enjoyed by all who appreciate our UK Brave

We have created this Authentic Tartan scarf exclusively for you. Weaving the DNA of our UK Brave into its very core, by incorporating these significant colours:-
RED, WHITE & BLUE: Represents the glorious flag of the United Kingdom.
BLACK: Is for continual respect for all our fallen UK Brave.

Ordering Timescales:
It’s worth knowing, that when you are planning your own personal diary for when you would like to be wearing your UK Brave Tartan Waistcoat. That they can take 9 to 14 weeks to be made, from the date of your order.  So if your waistcoat is for a specific event with a timely deadline date, then please place your order well in advance, to avoid disappointment.
For any further help you can always email or ring us: or +44 (0)7921197422 Thank you.

You will see the costs for delivery at the checkout, before confirming your order.

Due to the ‘made to measure’ nature of the waistcoat, we cannot offer refunds, any ill-fitting garments in need of adjustment are the responsibility of each customer.